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IARU Contests

The only on-the-air contest sponsored by the IARU at the global level is the IARU HF World Championship (see sub-menu). 

IARU Region 1 sponsors VHF and Field Day contests.

On the general subject of contests, it is IARU policy that contests not be permitted in certain bands. IARU Administrative Council Resolution 17 – 1 (an update to a previous resolution) reads as follows:


Concerning the use of secondary and narrow allocations below 25 MHz 

The IARU Administrative Council, Landshut, 2017,

recognizing that the amateur service allocations at 135.7−137.8 kHz, 472 – 479 kHz, 5,351.5 – 5,366.5 kHz, and 10.1−10.15 MHz are on a secondary basis with other services having priority, and

further recognizing that the allocations at 18.068−18.168 MHz and 24.890−24.990 MHz are also relatively narrow, and

acknowledging that these bands therefore are unable to support competitive activities without excessive disruption to other legitimate pursuits,

expresses appreciation to the sponsors of contests who universally avoid utilizing these bands,

resolves that it is IARU policy that contests not be permitted in these bands, and

strongly encourages all radio amateurs to observe the respective regional band plans for these and all other amateur allocations.

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