The WRC-23 agen­da is set out in ITU‑R Res­o­lu­tion 811 from WRC-19 and although there are no spe­cif­ic agen­da items request­ed by the ama­teur ser­vices sev­er­al do touch on spec­trum that is either allo­cat­ed to the ama­teur ser­vices or in an imme­di­ate­ly adja­cent band. In some cas­es the amateur/amateur satel­lite allo­ca­tion is sec­ondary and in some cas­es the agen­da item is region­al­ly spe­cif­ic. There are six WRC-23 agen­da items of prin­ci­pal inter­est: 1.2, 1.12, 1.14, 1.18, 9.1 Top­ic A, and 9.1 Top­ic B sum­marised in the fol­low­ing sections.

Infor­ma­tion on IARU posi­tions for WRC-23

1.2 to con­sid­er iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of the fre­quen­cy bands 3 300 – 3 400 MHz, 3 600‑3 800 MHz, 6 425 – 7 025 MHz, 7 025 – 7 125 MHz and 10.0−10.5 GHz for Inter­na­tion­al Mobile Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions (IMT).

1.12 to con­duct, and com­plete in time for WRC‑23, stud­ies for a pos­si­ble new sec­ondary allo­ca­tion to the Earth explo­ration-satel­lite (active) ser­vice for space­borne radar sounders with­in the range of fre­quen­cies around 45 MHz.

1.14 to review and con­sid­er pos­si­ble adjust­ments of the exist­ing or pos­si­ble new pri­ma­ry fre­quen­cy allo­ca­tions to EESS (pas­sive) in the fre­quen­cy range 231.5−252 GHz.

1.18 to con­sid­er stud­ies relat­ing to spec­trum needs and poten­tial new allo­ca­tions to the mobile-satel­lite ser­vice for future devel­op­ment of nar­row­band mobile-satel­lite systems.

9.1 Top­ic A: In accor­dance with Res­o­lu­tion 657 (Rev.WRC‑19), review the results of stud­ies relat­ing to the tech­ni­cal and oper­a­tional char­ac­ter­is­tics, spec­trum require­ments and appro­pri­ate radio ser­vice des­ig­na­tions for space weath­er sen­sors with a view to describ­ing appro­pri­ate recog­ni­tion and pro­tec­tion in the Radio Regulations.

9.1 Top­ic B: Review of the ama­teur ser­vice and the ama­teur-satel­lite ser­vice allo­ca­tions in the fre­quen­cy band 1 240‑1 300 MHz to deter­mine if addi­tion­al mea­sures are required to ensure pro­tec­tion of the radion­av­i­ga­tion-satel­lite (space-to-Earth) ser­vice oper­at­ing in the same band.

IARU posi­tions for WRC-23

Agen­da Item 1.2

Agen­da Item 1.12

Agen­da Item 1.14

Agen­da Item 1.18

Agen­da Item 9.1 top­ic a)

Agen­da Item 9.1 top­ic b)

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