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AC Summary Records

This page gives access to the Summary Records of meetings of the Administrative Council, the policy and management body of IARU.

54th Meeting (Friedrichshafen, Germany June 20 – 21, 2022)
53rd Meeting (Teleconference, January 14, 2022)
52nd Meeting (Teleconference, 7 – 9 October 2021)
51st Meeting (Teleconference, 8 June 2021)
50th Meeting (Teleconference, 6 April 2021)
49th Meeting (Teleconference, 12 January 2021)
48th Meeting (Teleconference, 8 – 10 October 2020)
47th Meeting (Teleconference, February 2020)
46th Meeting (Teleconference, December 2019)
45th Meeting (Lima, Peru, September 2019)
44th Meeting (Seoul, Republic of Korea, 12 September 2018)

43rd Meeting (Seoul, Republic of Korea, 8 – 9 September 2018)
42nd Meeting (Landshut, Germany, September 2017)
41st Meeting (Teleconference, January 2017)

40th Meeting (Vina del Mar, Chile, October 2016)
39th Meeting (Teleconference, April 2016)

38th Meeting (Bali, Indonesia, October 2015)
37th Meeting (Albena, Bulgaria, September 2014)
36th Meeting (Cancun, Mexico, September 2013)

35th Meeting (Teleconference, May 2013)
34th Meeting (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, November 2012)
33rd Meeting (Teleconference, March 2012)
32nd Meeting (Sun City, South Africa, 2011)
31st Meeting (Salinitas, Sonsonate, El Salvador, 2010)
30th Meeting (Christchurch, New Zealand, 2009)
29th Meeting (Konstanz, Germany, 2008)
28th Meeting (Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 2007)
27th Meeting (Bangalore, India, 2006)
26th Meeting (Zurich, Switzerland, 2005)
25th Meeting (Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, 2004)
24th Meeting (Amsterdam Airport Hotel, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, 2003)
23rd Meetings (Casa San Giuseppe, Valdragone, San Marino, 2002)
22nd Meeting (Guatemala City, Guatemala, 2001)
21st Meeting (Darwin, Australia, 2000)
20th Meeting (Tours, France, 2000)
19th Meeting (Lillehammer, Norway, 1999)
18th Meeting (Porlamar, Venezuela, 1998)
17th Meeting (Beijing, 1997)
16th Meeting (Tel-Aviv, 1996)
15th Meeting (Niagara Falls, Canada, 1995)
14th Meeting (Singapore, 1994)
13th Meeting (Brussels, Belgium, 1993)
12th Meeting (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, 1992)
11th Meeting (Bandung, Indonesia, 1991)
10th Meeting (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, July 1990)
9th Meeting (Torremolinos, Spain, April 1990)

8th Meeting (Orlando, USA, 1989)
7th Meeting (Seoul, Republic of Korea, 1988)
6th Meeting (Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 1987) 

5th Meeting (Buenos Aires, 1986) 
4th Meeting (Melbourne and Auckland, 1985)
3rd Meeting (Paris, 1984)
2nd Meeting (Newington, Connecticut, USA, November 1983)
1st Meeting (Tokyo, March 1983)

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