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Working Party 5A

The ITU Working Party 5A (WP 5A) is a working party under ITU‑R Study Group (SG) 5. WP5A is responsible for studies related to the land mobile service above 30 MHz, excluding IMT and including wireless access in the fixed service, as well as for studies related to the amateur and amateur-satellite services. The work of WP 5A is done in a number of Working Groups that have responsibility for broad subject areas and WG 5A‑1 is primarily responsible for issues related to the amateur and amateur satellite services.

WP5A meets for two weeks in Geneva twice every year.

An overview of the ITU Radio Regulations (RR), Recommendations, Reports and Handbooks relevant to the amateur and amateur-satellite services, can be found in the following document: Guide to the use of ITU‑R texts relating to amateur and amateur-satellite services.

Report on ITU‑R Working Party (WP) 5A virtual meeting,
28 April to 11 May 2021

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