23cm Band Studies progressing in ITU‑R towards WRC-23

Preparatory activities and studies relating to WRC23 AI9.1b have continued in the ITU‑R working parties 4C and 5A during October and November 2021. Although Region 1 administrations have been most actively engaged, the studies continue to evolve and RNSS operators from all regions have been participating in the discussions. 

In ITU‑R WP5A a first draft ITU‑R Recommendation was proposed which may form the basis for recommending guidance for concerned administrations regarding amateur service coexistence with the RNSS. Work on all these elements will continue into 2022. 

Click here for the WP4C summary report.

Click here for the WP5A summary report.

This post from the Region 1 web site provides further detailed information on developments.

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