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IARU Welcomes Two New Member-Societies
The IARU member-societies have voted to admit two new members for Kyrgyzstan and Bahrain. The Amateur Radio Union of the Kyrgyz Republic (ARUKR) was founded in 1993; more information is available at www​.qrzex​.com. The Bahrain Amateur Radio Society (BARS) was …
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ITU Highlights World Amateur Radio Day
The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has drawn special attention to World Amateur Radio Day on its web page: https://​www​.itu​.int/​e​n​/​m​y​i​t​u​/​N​e​w​s​/​2​0​2​1​/​0​4​/​1​6​/​1​1​/​1​6​/​H​o​m​e​— n​e​v​e​r​— a​l​o​n​e​— W​o​r​l​d​— A​m​a​t​e​u​r​— R​a​d​i​o​— D​a​y​— 2​0​2​1​?​f​b​c​l​i​d​=​I​w​A​R​2​Y​b​t​O​1​l​e​H​R​a​E​3​z​D​D​n​m​r​w​3​z​V​V​J​F​L​G​Q​X​g​T​M​T​N​v​Y​f​a​b​s​k​B​5​u​4​V​z​D​u​l​l​p​l​DHY …
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