23cm Band and WRC-23 — Discussion Document

As the WRC-23 approach­es so the stud­ies regard­ing AI9.1b (23cm and RNSS) are work­ing towards con­clu­sions. How­ev­er the IARU is not con­tent that all the oper­a­tional aspects of the ama­teur ser­vice usage of the 1 240- 1 300 MHz band are being prop­er­ly con­sid­ered to devel­op an accept­able com­pro­mise for all con­cerned par­ties. You can find some more detail on the areas of con­cern in this dis­cus­sion paper post­ed in the glob­al IARU WRC23 web pages on this top­ic. See IARU Per­spec­tive on the AI9.1b Progress — Sep­tem­ber 2022.

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