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23cm Band and RNSS Coexistence

In the ITU‑R Study Groups (May 2022):


ITU‑R WP5A is developing an ITU‑R Recommendation M.[AS_GUIDANCE]

ITU‑R WP4C is developing an ITU‑R Report M.[AMATEUR_RNSS]

All the documents continue to be in the drafting stage. In November 2020 and May 2021 the IARU contributed material to WP5A on the applications and operational characteristics of the amateur and amateur satellite services in the 23cm band. This was accepted, supplemented with information from some regulators and formally delivered to WP4C for use in their coexistence studies. The material provides specific information relevant to the amateur use of the 23cm band and the relationship between the IARU global band plans and the relevant RNSS system frequencies. The most recent meeting of WP4C took place in May 2022 and continued to develop the study work (report here). The most recent meeting of ITU‑R WP5A also took place in May 2022 and continued its part of the work with respect to Resolution 744. This latest WP5A meeting also completed work to draft the WRC23 CPM text that summarises all the study group activities relating to this agenda item for the WRC23 conference preparatory report and identifies how the agenda item can be resolved.

ITU‑R WP5A is also now working on a draft Recommendation ITU‑R M.[AS_GUIDANCE] that seeks to provide guidance to regulators on how the potential for interference between the amateur services and the RNSS can be minimised. his is expected to have some impact on how the amateur services can use the band. A summary report from the WP5A meeting will be available here (report TBD).

IARU Contribution to ITU‑R WP5A — November 2020

IARU Contribution to ITU‑R WP5A — May 2021

IARU Contribution to ITU‑R WP4C — September 2022

IARU Information Paper 1

IARU Information Paper 2

In Region 1 (May 2022):

CEPT Working Group SE, project team SE40 is continuing similar coexistence studies although the focus in this case is on the EU/CEPT GALILEO and GLONASS RNSS systems. An ECC Report is being drafted containing studies similar to those being contributed to the ITU‑R activities. The IARU has provided 8 contributions based on the same information contributed to ITU‑R WP5A as well as suggesting a methodology for the coexistence studies.

This work in CEPT is used to inform the CEPT preparatory process for WRC23 through the CEPT conference Preparatory Group (CPG).

Further detailed information on the latest CEPT work can be found through the CEPT web pages linked above.

The IARU has a global WRC-23 AI9.1b “task-group” of volunteers reviewing and tracking the activity across all the regions.

September 2022 Review and Considerations:

As the WRC-23 approaches so the studies regarding AI9.1b (23cm and RNSS) are working towards conclusions. However the IARU is not content that all the operational aspects of the amateur service usage of the 1 240- 1 300 MHz band are being properly considered to develop an acceptable compromise for all concerned parties. Please read more details here in the paper below. This information is brought to the attention of all the amateur society VHF (and above) managers.

IARU Perspective on the AI9.1b Progress — September 2022

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